Working in the exchange district definitely has some advantages. Two quick reviews of restaurants with a + in their name, Deer + Almond and the brand new King + Bannatyne sandwich shop.

Don’t Buy Mustard

It’s surprising how easy making your own mustard is. The degree of control over the flavour and heat will make you never want to buy a jar again. We share our recipe for Spicy Ale Mustard.

Whisky Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam. I had my doubts at first. I figured it was another one of those terrible bacon fad dishes of the recent craze. How wrong I was.

Hidden Treasure

Since dining at Cafe Dario I’ve been asked ‘where the heck is that?’ by everyone I’ve mentioned to. You owe yourself the trip to find this tiny but fantastic eatery.

A work in progress on Waterfront

Restaurant review: A great space and enticing Mediterranean flavours can’t make up for atrocious service more worthy of a KFC.

Ready for a hot beef injection?

It’s that time again. Time to put away the brown bag, loosen your pants, put on your walking shoes and consume most of a cow over the course of Burger Week 2014.

Adventures in Charcuterie: Smoking Bacon

It’s been a busy summer but it’s time to finally get makin’ bacon. I try three different cures this time out.

Technical Difficulties: Authors Missing

We promise to get back to writing soon honest. I’ll have a post on bacon soon followed by a few other things including restaurant reviews, perhaps some cocktail talk and a discussion on just what do to for canning this year since it’s been on odd veggie summer chez nous.

A Chocolate Courtesan?

Wes Anderson’s worlds always feel wonderfully lived in. This time we have a recipe to complete the experience.

Comfort Calories

A Goons With Spoons wiki highlight – Soprano themed comfort food.