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by TRH on February 3, 2013

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Flavorwire has an article up at the moment featuring some amazing vintage menus from back when restaurants everywhere put some effort into design. Unfortunately the article is written from a puerile “eww gross” teenager (or small town midwestern american) point of view. Apparently the concept of sweetbreads or tongue or even milk-fed chicken make things “gross vintage dishes.” Regardless it’s still worth a look for the glorious visuals, just don’t read the article text.

Of particular interest to me are some of the old shipboard menus from the ocean liners. Being a big boat nerd I love seeing the old menus and their descriptions and hiding in a closet somewhere I actually have a couple of Cunard menus my mother gave me from her trip to England as a child. I’m not totally a rose-coloured glasses nostalgia person but I do love the attention to detail in design back in the day. Oh for the days before people just fired up Comic Sans and added a few clip art pictures of bacon and eggs.

For more go check out Flavorwire and a hat tip to MentalFloss.com for pointing out the story.

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