Dine About Winnipeg is back for another year

by Kym on February 5, 2013

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If you haven’t seen the latest Ciao (and actually I haven’t gotten it yet for some reason) the DINE ABOUT WINNIPEG event is back for another year from February 2nd to 12th, 2013.

If you’ve never heard of the event before it’s essentially food/restaurant week for Winnipeg. 30+ Winnipeg restaurants offer 3 course prix fixe meals that will get you in the door at a discount over their regular price. There are two price levels $28 and $36 and the restaurants run the gamut of styles and cuisines. This year’s list seems remarkably clear of stinkers though honestly I feel sad for the people who would pay $28 for a 3 course meal at Moxie’s when Brooklynn’s, In Ferno’s and Corrientes are all on that list. Also, much as I love Mexican and feel that Los Chicos isn’t a bad Canadian Mexican option it wouldn’t be my choice for a prix fixe.

Personal favourites on the list(s):


  • Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria: Fantastic pizza and empanadas, great wines and handy for the theatre or symphony. Their special will let you try an empanada and a pizza before finishing with a chocolate soufflé
  • In Fernos Bistro: A personal favourite for dates when my fiancée and I go out, they’re offering 3 choices each for your app, main and dessert… totally can’t go wrong. Reserve though, it’s a tiny place. (InFernos on Academy is also on the list but I haven’t yet been. I’ll admit to being intrigued by the Bacon-wrapped bison petite tenders with a cherries jubilee and drizzled with bleu cheese crème frâiche that T pointed out though.)
  • Café Dario: I have only been there once but was absolutely blown away. They have 4 choices for mains and apps including Octopus Carpacio, Chicichurri & Tenderloin and Braised Elk.


  • Mise: Still probably my favourite restaurant in the city and a couple of great choices for their tasting.
  • Peasant Cookery: Everything I’ve ever had here has been delicous and a simple food with a twist. The Roasted chicken with white cheddar and bacon grits sounds quite yum. Also, who can go wrong with Brioche Banana Bread Pudding.


Still, I think I’ll try to check out some place I haven’t yet made it to yet. I’ve heard fantastic things about Arkadash and this might just be an excuse to try it. Judging by their position on the list Carnaval was supposed to be a part of this but they still haven’t actually opened their doors.

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