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by TRH on March 18, 2013

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Every once in a while we’re going to do a quick review roundup of places one or two of us have visited in the previous week or two.

Pictured Above: Beginner’s Plate at New Hong Kong (no attribution available)

Every once in a while we’re going to do a quick review roundup of places one or two of us have visited in the previous week or two.These won’t be massively in depth reviews (and will usually be more for quick service joints.)

This week our theme is “Hole in the Wall”

Best Pizza and Donair

  • 1469 Pembina Highway
  • Takeout/Counter Service (small counter seating, 2 small tables)

Still my favourite Donair in the city (with the proviso that I have not yet made it Baraka Bakery despite the recommendations, now that Kelekis is gone I’ll try it next time I’m out on North Main.) Well spiced meat and nice and juicy (even on several occasions where we’ve taken advantage of their late night hours. Generous portions of meat as well on both the Donair and Shawarma. The spinach pie also looked interesting but I have yet to try it. It’s nice to see a choice of sweet or garlic sauce, something that’s missing from a lot of the Shawarma/Donair servers in Winnipeg. Heartily recommended provided you don’t absolutely NEED to sit in if it’s full.

-4/5 (find a bigger location nearby guys, please)


New Hong Kong Snack House

  • 407 Notre Dame
  • lunch only (every day but Friday I believe)

It’s (to be kind) not a place you should judge by its looks as it doesn’t look open ever (despite the recent-ish bright green paint job) and looks like a total dive or a criminal front regardless. The simple interior is always packed with regulars who are all surrounded by spread of simple white dishes covered with a variety of what we always call “chinese junk food.”

Tristan was actually the first person to ever take me here and he said he’s been going since he was 10 or so. It’s not hard to see why. The food is delicious whatever you get though I always find myself with a solid MSG aftertaste. I always open with a hot pork noodle ramen or a spare rib rice before moving on to some pork sil-mi, shrimp dumplings(kau) and chinese perogies. The latter are available for takeout frozen. For those who are new to the place there is a beginners plate with a variety of choices but you’re best to just order at random with a few other people.

This isn’t fancy dim sum, this isn’t even a noodle house. An Asian friend once told me it reminds his mother of having street food back home. I can believe it.

TRH: The New Hong Kong has barely changed in all the years I’ve been going there. I absolutely agree with Kym that you should ignore the dive exterior and check it out. (Note: on Thursday Friday you likely won’t find a table between noon and 12:45)

Eat on Samosa

  • 2810 Pembina Highway
  • Take Out/Eat in: Counter Service, decent # of tables
  • offers catering options

Nestled in one of the many ugly strip malls on south Pembina you’ll find this delicious eatery. Despite the name they actually offer a full menu of Indian treats though by the posters on the wall I’m guessing the owners are from Bhutan originally. The restaurant itself is a former Mr. Sub location and unfortunately keeps approximately the same level of charm. As a quick meal place it is perfectly serviceable, it’s just somewhat of a pity since the food deserves better.

The titular samosas are amazing and come in a variety of fillings. Usually you can find Chicken, Beef, Veggie, Shrimp, Paneer and my favourite the Bison Samosa. Combined with sweet tamarind sauce two of these make an excellent lunch for me. The samosas are also available for takeout or catering (which I believe is how they got started) both in regular and party sized. We’ve used them as a catered appetizer. The rest of the menu is just as good with delicious curries, creamy butter chicken and various vegetarian options.

Lastly is a personal favourite: Momo dumplings. These are little steamed dumplings with pork, chicken or veggies inside that are native to Nepal/Tibet and some parts of Bhutan. I love them, but I do find that they are sometimes a bit inconsistent texture wise. While the filling may be amazing, sometimes the dough has gone a little too chewy. This doesn’t stop me from ordering them with hot sauce on almost every visit.

Proximity to the university has made them quite popular with students and they have several lunch specials catering to those looking for study fuel. Even if you can only stop in to get takeout for later… try the bison samosa, you won’t regret it (ask for extra tamarind sauce to avoid fights over who gets to use the last of it.)


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