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by TRH on August 23, 2013

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Winnipeg is surprisingly lively town for cooking classes, good news for those of us who can’t afford to jet off to Provence or Tuscany for a week long food and wine adventure annually. Whether you’re a total newbie or a cheffy chef looking for new things to explore, a cooking class makes for a rewarding night out. Grabbing a friend or family member and learning some new recipes (not to mention tasting the results) is something I try to do a few times a year.

Editor’s Note: Since I wrote this post Alex has sold Bistro 7 1/4 and is now heading up Smith at Inn at the Forks. The new owners at Bistro 7 1/4 have apparently let things slide and after a few rather savage reviews they closed for renos. I haven’t heard anything good about food changes so I suspect it was merely a cosmetic shuffle.


Duck: Tuesday Sept 10
Fish: Tuesday Sept 17
Chicken: Tuesday Sept 24
Eggs: Tuesday Oct 1
Vegetables: Tuesday Oct 8
Pig: Tuesday Oct 15

Imagine my salivation then when I learned that Chef Alexander Svenne over at Bistro 7 ¼ is offering a number of Tuesday night cooking classes this fall. Each Tuesday tackles a different topic and the classes run $60 a pop or $300 for all six. Having taken a charcuterie demo via the MLCC last year I can heartily recommend Chef Alex as someone who not only knows his stuff but who can also communicate that knowledge effectively to students (sadly not always a given with those who offer courses.) Since these appear to be hands-on classes I can only imagine them being even better.

For those who haven’t been Bistro 7 ¼ is a vibrant little place on south Osborne st with lovely seasonal menus. They serve “French-inspired comfort food” and it’s a favourite of more than a few of my friends for their Moules et Frites. Even if you can’t make one of the classes I do recommend you make the time to visit for a meal.

Classes are limited to 12-16 students and run every Tuesday from Sept 10th to October 15th . Call 204-777-2525 to sign up for any or all cooking classes.

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