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by TRH on September 10, 2013

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Goons With Spoons (of which I am host/editor) started out small and somewhat desperate. The original owner of the web archive of the food loving Goons With Spoons subforum members had gone silent and in truth we wanted a more collaborative option anyway. 7+ years later it’s still going strong.

Since I’ve got this great resource to work from I figured that I should once in a while highlight a particularly popular or significant recipe from the wiki in hopes of encouraging our readers to visit and even contribute.

In the early days of the wiki user Ishamael was one of our Italian contributors as well as someone who helped out with early design and recipe transfer. His recipe for baked ziti is by far his most enduring contribution however as it has been accessed almost 100k times. Everything but the pasta is made from scratch. It contains a fairly ridiculous amount of cheese, a ton of fresh made sauce and miniature meatballs throughout. In short it’s the kind of meal that should be consumed with a healthy glass or two of wine and then followed by a soporific viewing of the Godfather.

Check out the recipe over at the wiki and get inspired to contribute your own recipes. Wikitext is super easy and you can always contact me with any questions.

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